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I believe there’s more to real estate than a parcel of land and the house attached to it. It’s about people, and that’s why I became a real estate agent. I say that with a great deal of sincerity. Being a real estate agent isn’t something that I’ve done since the early stages of my career — but my interactions with people are what led me here.

I spent my young adult life remodeling people’s homes. Beyond learning the intricacies of the various components that make up a house, I learned how to listen. Listening to my clients describe their wants and needs gave me the opportunity to create an individualized plan to fit the desires of my client. My ability to execute the plan from start to finish provided a great opportunity to expand my work through client referrals to their neighbors and friends.  

As much success as I had remodeling, I had a growing desire to use my abilities as a role-model. I decided to coach junior high wrestling (15 seasons). My proudest accomplishments as a coach didn’t take place on the mat. Instead, they take place when I go to the grocery store and a former wrestler introduces me to their family as Coach Tebbe.  

While coaching, I attended Western Governors University and earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in education. Since graduating, I have taught as an “accomplished” rated teacher in a variety of grade levels over the past six years. The success that I have had in the classroom was made possible by the rapport that I have been able to establish and develop with my students and support staff members.

My unique experiences working with people is what prompted me to go back to school to get my real estate license. I knew I made the right decision when I first met The Premier Team with Glasshouse Realty Group. I’m very grateful to be affiliated with such amazing individuals. However, I’m most grateful to have the support of my amazing wife and incredible daughter.

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